Services Provided

  • Provide application training and floor support during and after projects.  
  • Will work with you to determine best way to offer needed training.  Can hire other trainers to assist
    with major rollouts.
  • Write end-user documentation.

Some of the many applications on which I train:
  • Microsoft Office 2003/2010
  • Windows 7
  • iManage: DeskSite; FileSite  (Matter-Centric)
  • OpenText; NetDocuments; WorldDox
  • Microsystems DocXtools
  • InterAction 6.1 for Outlook
  • Legal MacPac; Litera Innova Templates and Numbering; CCC Macro Pro; Esquire iOffice; Payne
    Consulting: Numbering, Forms, Pleading and Metadata Assistant
  • PDF Docs; Adobe X; Nuance
  • Workshare Protect; Workshare Compare
  • Levit & James Suite: Stylizer, CrossEyes, CrossWords,
Have you ever wanted to create a Table of Authorities?  Would you like to create some boiler-plate
that you can reuse?  Styles are all powerful in Word - do you know how to best use Styles
to create consistent Firm documents?  Would you like to learn more about any of these applications?

In addition to working full-time for three major law firms, I have also consulted for prestigious law firms and  
training companies.  Please contact me for references.

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