About Susan Grillo

After training at three major law firms for eighteen years - Shearman & Sterling in New York,
Buchanan Ingersoll in Pittsburgh and Hale Lane in Las Vegas, I  became an independent
contractor to provide training to those firms without ready access to a trainer.  
I actively employ, teach and write end-user documentation on a wide range of new technologies.

Specializing in (but not limited to) Law Firm training!
Versatile Software Training
What Can You Expect from Versatile Training?

You can expect well written end-user documentation, professional and dedicated application training and/or
floor support that meets your firm's needs.  Large training companies charge a higher fee because they
employ trainers to do the work and the company becomes the middleman.  The middleman understandably
wants to make a profit.  Since the owner of
Versatile Software Training and the Trainer are one and the
- there is no middleman (or, in this case - no middle woman)!!!

Contact me to discuss how you can best utilize my services!

Versatile Software Training
10685 Auburn Springs Avenue
Las Vegas, NV  891
(702) 357-2547  

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