About Me
My experience in both education and the corporate sector has enabled me to develop strong
organizational capabilities, excellent writing and communications skills.  The public contact
necessitated by my role as educator gave me excellent preparation for client/user interaction.  I
have a proven track record and a strong commitment to providing excellent client service.  

  • Contract Trainer/Consultant on numerous projects for prestigious law firms.
  • As a full-time employee, provided firm-wide training for Shearman & Sterling; designed,
    developed and implemented firm-wide training program for Buchanan Ingersoll and
    Hale Lane.
  • Participated as a vital member of conversion teams traveling to many offices where my
    responsibilities included extensive testing, developing and providing appropriate
    training and post-conversion end-user support.  
  • Project lead for major training initiatives.
  • Considered level 2-3 support for core applications.  
  • Write clear end-user documentation.
  • Willing to travel both nationally and internationally for assignments.
  • Short or long-term assignments are welcome.
  • Former high school English teacher.

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